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How We Operate

New Members
All new members to the Bahouli Buying Club will be charged a $5 membership fee payable by cash, check or money order (made payable to Brenda Becker). You can either pay before your first order is placed, or pay the $5 fee with your first order.

All Ozark orders are charged a 2% fee for processing from Ozark (this money goes directly to Ozark) plus a 5% processing fee by the Bahouli (this money goes to the Co-op). All Frontier orders are charged an 8% processing fee (this money goes directly to Frontier).

An additional 5% fee is added to your Ozark order if you are not able to help with the delivery process on Delivery Day.

Ozark publishes a Price Guide quarterly. When you join the Bahouli, you'll be sent a copy of the catalog. Ozark also puts out a monthly Specials guide, from which you can also place orders. The Bahouli also places monthly orders with Frontier Natural Products. You can purchase a Frontier catalog for $4 through the Bahouli.

For information on how to read the Ozark catalogs, click here.

Split Orders
Send the Split List Coordinator (currently Sharon) an email with the orders you'd like to split. Click here for further instructions. The Split List Coordinator periodically emails a full split list to all Bahouli members during the weeks before the order is placed.

Personal Orders
If you have a personal order, i.e., items that aren't in
quantity to split, just send the Split List Coordinator (currently Sharon) an email set up the same way as the main split list. (See here for an example.) The item(s) will appear on your invoice along with your share of the split.

To ease the order consolidation process, the Split List Coordinator generally puts all orders, both split and personal, in the full split list email. Please let the Split List Coordinator know if you do not want your personal order to appear on the email split list.

Your Invoice
Once orders have been placed and several
days prior to delivery, your invoices will be ready. One email will go out to everyone on the list and it will include everyone's invoice totals. This won't be an inventory of what was ordered, only the total. That way, you can be well prepared when pick-up day arrives.

The Delivery Coordinator (currently Brenda) meets the Ozark truck on our delivery date, which is typically the second Tuesday of the month at approximately 8am. All members are encouraged to participate in the delivery process! We need people to help break down the cases; weigh and measure out the bulk spices and other such items; handle the monies; clean up the distribution area; assist the primary bookkeeper.

If you are not able to help on Delivery Day, you will be charged an additional Bahouli order processing fee of 5%. Please click here to see a list of roles needed!