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Who We Are


The Bahouli Buying Club operates in the spirit of true cooperation, with all members participating. We actively solicit advice and input from our members. We emphasize all-around communication between members of the co-op and the board of directors. Members are strongly encouraged to freely discuss any issues or concerns with any of the co-op directors. We want you to feel this is your co-op! 

We urge all members to read the bylaws for the Bahouli.

Board of Directors
President: Sharon Jacoby
Vice President: Brenda Becker
Treasurer: Diane Urbanski

Split List/Order Coordinator: Currently Sharon
Measurer: Currently Diane
Delivery Coordinator: Currently Brenda
Cashier: Needed!
Cleaner for Delivery Day: Needed!
Primary Bookkeeper: Currently Diane
Secondary Bookkeeper: Needed!