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Ozark Catalog

Watch out for Single Pick items vs. Case Items!

Item # Code Size/Description Unit Case
20326 RP* 12 / 13oz Sw Shd Wht 2.79 33.48
20781 RP* 13oz Sw Shd Wht 3.21 3.21

The first line, item #20326, is an entire case of 13oz boxes of Sweetened Shredded Wheat. One case contains 12 boxes. Each box, or unit, is $2.79 a piece. An entire case of 12 boxes is $33.48.

The second line, item #20781, is a single 13oz box of Sweetened Shredded Wheat. It costs $3.21.

Single pick items will always have the same Unit and Case price. Items with an asterisk (*) in the Code column are certified organic.