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Back Up

Present: Sharon Jacoby, Brenda Becker, Robin Allen, Marlene Geary
Location: Brenda Becker's Home

Topics Discussed:

1. Minutes from 9/30/00 meeting approved.

2. Old Business

a) We are awaiting adjustments from September (apple juice/vegan burgers) and October (aluminum foil and jerquee may be returned at no cost to us).

b) Pick-up charge of 5% will be assessed to all who were not able to participate in delivery.

c) Invoices from October shipment
    - All remaining unresolved charges will be processed on next month's

3. New Business

a) Establishing a KOC Frontier account
- Group or Individual? $10 fee in either case
- We'll join as in individual.
- Brenda will submit the application in her name, as she is our bank.
- The KOC has enough in the bank to pay the $10 Frontier fee.
- The Frontier and Ozark money will be kept in the same bank account
- We'll have separate Frontier and Ozark invoices
- Frontier adds an 8% surcharge to all orders.
- $200 Frontier order means free shipping

b) Extras table accounting
- We decided to eliminate extras purchasing for the time being.
- If a member wants a case to close, they should notify the Split List
     Coordinator that they are willing to buy the extra that hasn't closed.
- If a member wants to sell any extra, they have the option of setting a
     price and putting in on the extras table.
- When the co-op has more money, we'll reopen the issue of buying

c) Growing new business
- We can look out for people who show interest, such as those lurking
     around in organic food stores
- Brenda will check into placing an ad in the Osceola News-Gazette
- Tasting Party
    Ozark pays half of cost of food up for up to 25 people
    Perhaps we can set a date for the party at the next meeting
    Sharon expressed concern that we should wait until the KOC can
        comfortably pay for this, perhaps next spring.
    Brenda thought not before the end of February.
    We are allowed one party per year with Ozark's support.

4. Next Meeting
    The next meeting scheduled for Friday, December 8th
        at 6:30pm at Sharon's house.