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Present: Sharon Jacoby, Brenda Becker, Robin Allen, Marlene Geary
Location: Robin Allen's Home

Topics Discussed:

1. The appointment of the Board of Directors

- President: Sharon Jacoby

- Vice President: Brenda Becker

- Treasurer: Robin Allen

- Secretary: Marlene Geary

- Each officer will serve a term of twelve months, beginning 9/30/00.

- Officers to be elected or appointed by general membership consensus during September 2001.

 2. General membership meetings

- These meetings can be online

- Suggested meeting locations: Brenda's home, Robin's home Kissimmee Library, the Sitting Shop

- We need to hold a general membership meeting with all prospective members

- Next meeting: October 27, 2000 @ Brenda's house, pot-luck dinner

- As far as Meeting Rules we wanted to have a child understanding:

1)     You are responsible for attending to your child

2)     If you have a problem/issue/concern with anyone else's child, please bring it to the parent's attention immediately.

- The KOC will send out periodic email reminders about general membership meetings.

- The next KOC Board of Directors meeting will be online sometime during the week before 10/27/00. Time TBA.

 3. Review of the Ozark Membership Package recommended methods for running a co-op

- For the most part we will use what Ozark suggests

- We will make amendments as needed to the Ozark bylaws
Our bylaws will contain a description of each director's responsibilities

- We considered sending out an periodic newsletter on various topics

- We'll prepare a new member packet to hand out to new people interested in joining the co-op


4. Major themes for the KOC

- We buy for our members, not sell to our members

- We wish to operate in the spirit of true cooperation, with all members participating

- We want advice and input from our members

- We want to emphasize all around communication between members of the co-op and the board of directors. Members are strongly encouraged to freely discuss and issues or concerns with any of the co-op directors.

- All members are urged to read the bylaws for the KOC

 5. Membership Responsibilities:

- Startup dues of $5; grandfather clause for members of St. Cloud Co-op who participate in the KOC before December 2000.

- A member must contribute to the KOC in some way, which could be:

A physical contribution (assisting with delivery, splits, cleaning, etc.), or

An additional 5% surcharge (if no physical contribution)

- A member must order once a quarter in order to be considered active and in good standing.  Only members in good standing will have the privilege of voting on KOC issues.

- A member who does not order for a period of one year will be removed from the member list

 6. Relationship of Brenda's Organics to the KOC

- Brenda's Organics, an organic produce co-op operated by Brenda Becker, will continue to remain a separate entity from the KOC.

- The KOC will cultivate a strong business relationship with Brenda's Organics, encouraging our members to utilize both groups to their advantage.

 7. Issues of Concern Regarding Members:

- How will we communicate expectations to members?

- Will all members be online? We can't mandate members being online. How do we get the split list out to members not online?

- We want and need advice and input from members; how can we encourage that?

- We need to educate members on the benefits of ordering from Frontier

 8. Positions Needed:

- Cashier (collect money, handle extras table sales) (Currently Robin)

- Cleaner on Delivery Day (clean split room floor, break down cases/boxes, cleans up bulk distribution area)

- Delivery Coordinator (Currently Brenda)

- Measurer (weigh out and bag-up bulk splits)

- List/Order Coordinator (Currently Sharon)

- Primary Bookkeeper (Currently Robin)

- Secondary Bookkeeper

- Perhaps we can send each member home with a little card to fill out (as well as email them one) that requests they fill a position, what would it take to get them to a meeting, what they are getting out of the coop/what they would like to get out of their coop.


9. Next Ozark Delivery Date is 10/25