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We'd like to hear from everyone, member and non-member, what they'd like out of a cooperative. The KOC wants to be for and all about its members, so it's important that we know what you're thinking, what your needs are and how you'd like to see the Co-op grow.

Toward that end, we've put together a few questions to ask for your opinions! Please fill out the questions and click on Submit. Your answers will be emailed to the KOC. While we'd love it if you filled out your name (so we might ask you questions for clarification later), telling us your identity is optional. Please feel free to be completely honest, as this is your Co-op!

First Name: Last Name:

Email Address:

Are you a member of the Kissimmee Organic Co-op? Yes    No

If you are a member of the KOC, how do you benefit from our Co-op?

What would you like to get out of a Co-op?

What would encourage you to attend a Co-op meeting?

The KOC has been talking about hosting an Ozark Tasting Party, where you'd get a chance to sample foods from Ozark at no cost to you. Would you be interested in attending?  Yes    No 

What positions would you be interested in filling?
Cashier                Cleaner
Measurer              Secondary Bookkeeper
   Other, please specify:

Want to tell us anything else?