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The Bahouli Store

Anything you buy from Amazon.com using the links on this page raises money for the Bahouli Buying Club.  That means you can actively fundraise for us by shopping from home! The more money the Bahouli has, the more we can offer specials like an extras table, tasting parties, and closing splits. The top of this page has links to specific items, down below is a search box and a direct link to Amazon. 

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Search for books on:
Natural Remedies
Herbal Remedies
Natural Healing
Organic Gardening
Organic Food
Herbal Medications


Major book categories at Amazon:
Health, Mind & Body
Cooking, Food & Wine
Home & Garden
Featured in the Media
Parenting & Families
Science & Nature
New Age
Member Book Recommendations:
Organic Gardener's Home Reference
Complete Guide to Homeopathy

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